The origin of Gehret Wire Works began in the town of Bridgeport, PA, where John Gehret formed Norris Ironworks, a steel fabricator specializing in miscellaneous metal products for buildings.

His two sons, John II and Charles developed an automatic weaving machine for diamond wire mesh. They started The Gehret Brothers Company, issuing both common and private stock.

After the Great Depression, Mr. Arthur Goldsmith acquired a majority stake in the company. Thereby, Mr. Goldsmith became the owner of the firm. One of his first hires was Robley James Ebert as General Manager in 1939. In 1944, Mr. Ebert moved the company to 11th and Ridge Ave in Philadelphia, PA. Current operations still remain there today.

During Mr. Ebert’s tenure, many notable projects were completed such as the aluminum rails inside the Philadelphia International Airport, mesh screens for Veterans Stadium, and the bronze screens for the Patapsco Tunnel. Unfortunately, Mr. Ebert passed away in 1984. His son, Robley John, still manages the company to this day.

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