Cages & Partitions

Let Us Keep Your Equipment & Parts Safe

Wire cages and partitions are a common form of defense against possible tampering or stealing of valuable equipment. At Gehret Wire Works, we have the ability to create custom-made wire cages and partitions that can outfit any warehouse or distribution center to keep your valuables protected. Our solutions have been proven to simple and cost-effective that offers associates additional control as well as a way to restrict access to an area to only certain individuals.

Tool Cages

Separate and protect your expensive tools from those who don’t need them by building custom-made tool and equipment cribs. Wire partitions are framed wire mesh panels that bolt in section by section providing for easy installation and a high degree of customization.

Access Cages

Frequently, vendors, visitors, and business personnel will travel through your warehouse or distribution center for an inspection or to simply fulfill their responsibilities. Building access cages provide a way to section off certain areas of your property to prevent accidents or the movement of valuable goods.

DEA Cages

Federal regulations state that all Schedule III – V controlled substances must be safely stored and protected or face heavy fines. Wire partitions offer a durable long-term solution to safely housing these controlled substances to avoid Federal interference. These custom cages are ideal for pharmacies, medical facilities, drug warehouses, and much more.

Server Cages

Wire partition systems can be used to secure server or network equipment to avoid accidents and damage. These systems can be used to help divide up whole entire hosting facilities to not only protect, but organize your equipment. Clients will be impressed and feel safe trusting their web services with your data center.

Holding Cells

Wire partition systems are a perfect solution for temporary holding cells for correctional and detention centers around the world. Our customized holding cell systems allow for maximum security during use and the ability to be configured to surrounding systems such as HVAC, lighting, and fire suppression.

Wire Mesh Panels 4th & Arch Street Wire Mesh Panels Front View 4th & Arch Wire Mesh Security Cage Wire Mesh Security Cage Front View
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