What to Know About Welded Wire Mesh Panels

It is time to break out the tools and start your next project. With all the downtime and warm weather, renovations are in full swing for residential and commercial properties. However, there are so many styles and aesthetics out there which means a lot of decisions have to be made. If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and functional material, look no further than welded wire mesh panels

Welded wire mesh panels have a wide range of uses in our world. For decks on your home, vinyl-coated wire mesh or stainless steel wire mesh are commonly seen as a way to add a twist on the railing of your deck. It allows the yard to pop through by avoiding a wall of wood but still allows for safety. For animal enclosures, thick gauge welded wire mesh panels can be used to design a cage that still allows for the animals to be viewed. For nurseries and aquaculture installations, PVC-coated welded wire mesh panels can be used to section off parts of the structure. These are only a few of the many uses of welded wire mesh panels. 

Welded wire mesh panels are offered in many different sizes of gauges, usually from 8 to 16. The size of the gauges depends on how strong the requirement is for the project or other design specifications. Welded wire mesh panels can be offered in a variety of ways that include complete customization. Whereas, a chain link fence is strictly a few sizes and not highly customizable. Metal fabrication contractors like ourselves offer welded wire mesh panels with a variety of coats such as weather-resistant coating and ultraviolet coating to be able to withstand nature’s worst. 

Welded wire mesh panels are not the same as wire fence rolls. Panels are easy to install due to the fact that they are completely customized and require very minimal cutting if any. Welded wire mesh panels are ideal for small work crews and tight timeframes. Wire fence rolls work out great for high square footage jobs but require larger work crews and other materials. Wire fence rolls need additional materials such as posts, rings, and other tools. Both serve many different purposes and can fulfill most needs. 

A tip for the DIY’ers going with welded wire mesh panels for their home. Wooden frames are commonly used to house the panels. Whether you are doing a deck or fencing a garden, be sure that the welded wire mesh panels are accurate when ordered. They cannot be molded or stretched like normal fencing can. When installing welded wire mesh panels to wood, consider using galvanized staples every few inches that provide security for the panels as well as weather resistance. 

If you have any questions about welded wire mesh panels or other custom fabrication needs, reach out to Gehret Wire Works at 1-215-236-3322!

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