Advantages of Cages and Wire Partitions

Warehouses and distribution centers account for a large flow of valuable goods that cycle in and out of their facilities on a daily basis. On top of the flow of goods, there are many different types of personnel that float around your facility. Security cages and wire partitions allow for you to protect your goods and personnel by sectioning off certain areas to make them restricted to select individuals only. Numerous benefits come with the addition of security cages and wire partitions. Here are some of the best benefits that can help your company out.

Increased Savings

Security cages and wire partitions save your firm money by providing a cost-effective solution for potential security and accident risks. These installations will help prevent theft of products and tools as well as decrease the likelihood of workers’ compensation claims. Security cages and wire partitions are a lot easier to install, versatile, and cheaper than permanent walls.

Safety Precautions

Without your employees, your day-to-day operations would collapse. When an employee gets injured on the job, it costs a business to lose money in many ways including skilled manpower, disability pay, and much more. When a business shows that they are making strides to protect their employees, employees will appreciate working for you that much more.


Security cages and wire partitions as mentioned previously have many uses. These security cages and wire partitions have the ability to be custom-made based on the valuables they are protecting, the area in which it is housed, and much more. In comparison to permanent walls, these installations can also be easily installed as well as moved to different areas in the result that your building’s layout changes.


As you scale your business, storage and space needs will change. Luckily, security cages and wire partitions are very easy to make additions to. More wire mesh segments can be made to expand the cages and partitions to accommodate your changing needs,

Strength & Compliance

All workplaces must be compliant with OSHA and other industry-based regulations. Security cages and wire partitions easily accommodate regulations due to their ability to be accessible to sprinklers and airflow requirements in and out of the space. Alongside this, the material used for these security measures is very durable and strong. Bolt cutter or any other kind of popular theft tool will not be able to blow through the cage or partition before they get caught. This makes them an ideal alternative to a permanent wall.

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