Aesthetically Pleasing Fence Designs

A modern and sleek fencing design can be just what your property needs to make it stand out from the rest of your neighborhood. Not only are there many options for aesthetically pleasing fences, but a lot of functionality is built inherently in them. Here are some of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional fence designs for your home or business.  

Iron Fencing

Metal fencing is a popular option for fencing in your backyard. Metal fencing such as wrought iron or split rail fence with wire mesh allows for great ventilation for your property as well as durability. Iron fencing is aesthetically pleasing as well and only requires periodic painting in terms of maintenance.

Gabion Wall

A gabion wall is a less uncommon fencing type that is very decorative and can fit a unique house aesthetic. A gabion wall consists of retaining wire that is filled with various stones. The retaining wire is usually connected to wood posts or panels for more contrast. The contrast can be quite the piece for your backyard and not to mention very durable. 

Climbers Wall

A climber’s wall fence is a beautiful wood fencing design that looks great year-round. A climber wall has a well-positioned and functional design that makes it perfect for supporting the overgrown look of planets and vegetables. Not to mention, these walls can be scaled pretty high if privacy is a major concern.

Black Horizontal Slats 

Black horizontal slats are a very modern solution to fencing that fits newer-style homes with its combination of privacy and protection of your lawn. The sleek black slats match very well with modern architecture and rock-filled yards. 

Bamboo Fencing

A natural bamboo fence utilizes full bamboo stalks that are framed together with stained wood. A concrete foundation is used to house the panels in place. Bamboo fences allow light to pass through and provide a unique look to your yard. If you have a more tropical and zen look in your backyard, consider bamboo fencing.

Concrete Fencing

Another modern form of fencing is geometric concrete fencing that is pure heavy-duty concrete for your backyard. More of a wall, concrete fences can be used for both extra safety purposes and a look for modern homes. Concrete fencing allows for sun and air to pass through geometric gaps. A fence install like this will require extensive professional help, however. 

These are some of the most popular, aesthetically pleasing fence designs that go with older and more modern homes. Gehret Wire Works hopes you see one that strikes your fancy!

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