Aesthetically Pleasing Fence Designs

Aesthetically Pleasing Fence Designs Split Rail Fence With Wire Mesh

A modern and sleek fencing design can be just what your property needs to make it stand out from the rest of your neighborhood. Not only are there many options for aesthetically pleasing fences, but a lot of functionality is built inherently in them. Here are some of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional fence designs for your home or business.  

Iron Fencing

Metal fencing is a popular option for fencing in your backyard. Metal fencing such as wrought iron or split rail fence with wire mesh allows for great ventilation for your property as well as durability. Iron fencing is aesthetically pleasing as well and only requires periodic painting in terms of maintenance.

Gabion Wall

A gabion wall is a less uncommon fencing type that is very decorative and can fit a unique house aesthetic. A gabion wall consists of retaining wire that is filled with various stones. The retaining wire is usually connected to wood posts or panels for more contrast. The contrast can be quite the piece for your backyard and not to mention very durable. 

Climbers Wall

A climber’s wall fence is a beautiful wood fencing design that looks great year-round. A climber wall has a well-positioned and functional design that makes it perfect for supporting the overgrown look of planets and vegetables. Not to mention, these walls can be scaled pretty high if privacy is a major concern.

Black Horizontal Slats 

Black horizontal slats are a very modern solution to fencing that fits newer-style homes with its combination of privacy and protection of your lawn. The sleek black slats match very well with modern architecture and rock-filled yards. 

Bamboo Fencing

A natural bamboo fence utilizes full bamboo stalks that are framed together with stained wood. A concrete foundation is used to house the panels in place. Bamboo fences allow light to pass through and provide a unique look to your yard. If you have a more tropical and zen look in your backyard, consider bamboo fencing.

Concrete Fencing

Another modern form of fencing is geometric concrete fencing that is pure heavy-duty concrete for your backyard. More of a wall, concrete fences can be used for both extra safety purposes and a look for modern homes. Concrete fencing allows for sun and air to pass through geometric gaps. A fence install like this will require extensive professional help, however. 

These are some of the most popular, aesthetically pleasing fence designs that go with older and more modern homes. Gehret Wire Works hopes you see one that strikes your fancy!

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to Gehret Wire Works at 215-236-3322!

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The Applications of Steel Wire Mesh

The Applications of Steel Wire Mesh Header

As a leading custom fabricator of steel wire mesh in the Tri-State Area, we have a lot of experience with creating steel wire mesh solutions for various projects. Steel wire mesh is one of the most popular products in metal fabrication due to its high degree of durability, versatility, and functionality. Let’s take a look and discuss the various applications of steel wire mesh and where you could use it in your next project. 

The Food Industry

Steel wire mesh applications can be found within the food industry. Before the food hits your table, steel wire mesh may play a role in helping the chef out during food preparation. Steel wire mesh is used in different food hardware such as barbecue grills, frying baskets, food covers, and much more. The steel wire mesh is used as the material to form the wire baskets that are a part of the hardware that holds the food while it undergoes extreme temperatures.

The Construction Industry

During the late 1800s, steel wire mesh was utilized to build upon the country’s current infrastructure. The construction industry has seen many innovations since then but utilizes steel wire mesh continuously for building and construction across the country. Steel wire mesh is seen used for retention walls, bridges, highways, enclosures, and infill panels

The Agricultural Industry  

Steel wire mesh can be seen used in the agricultural industry heavily. For decades upon decades, steel wire mesh has been used on farms for patches in fencing or crop protection against different animals. Farmers enjoy having a product that serves various uses on a farm. You will see steel wire mesh used as fencing, barriers, sifting, equipment repairs, coops, and much more. 

The Oil Industry

Due to its high durability, steel wire mesh is seen used in the oil industry. Oil plants and fields are under stress due to strong chemicals and high temperatures being released all around, which damages metals through corrosion. Steel wire mesh is used due to its ability to withstand these conditions. Steel wire mesh can be seen in filtration devices or storage spaces at oil plants or fields. 

The Manufacturing Industry

Steel wire mesh is seen utilized as the go-to security measure in the manufacturing industry. When trying to secure an area or valuable tools, steel wire mesh is used to create security features that allow for protection against theft and harmful chemicals in warehouses. Steel wire mesh will create cages and barriers to service this purpose. These cages and barriers serve as secure, authorized-personal only areas within warehouses. 

If you have any questions or concerns about steel wire mesh, reach out to Gehret Wire Works at 1-(215) 236-3322!

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Common Methods for Welding Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Welding Methods For Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

The stainless steel wire mesh welding process changes based upon the thickness and finish of the material as well as the intended use for the end product. There are many ways to weld stainless steel, but only a handful are widely adopted and used in the United States. These stainless steel welding methods are TIG welding, spot welding, and MIG welding. Our metal fabrication experts discussed the differences between each and when to use which technique. 

TIG Welding

Gas tungsten arc welding (TIG) methods offer high quality, versatility, and longevity for the end product. This welding technique creates a low heat input, which makes it the perfect style to use when working with thin material. The argon gas is mixed with other gases such as helium, hydrogen, and nitrogen-based on the specific needs of the project. A single-sided welding process can create gas protection between the inside and outside welds. The single-sided welding process helps to prevent oxidation and increase resistance to corrosion. 

Spot Welding

Spot welding or resistance welding is one of the most cost-efficient stainless steel welding processes. Resistance welding equipment is incredibly versatile, which makes it a great investment if your average project size varies across the board. Resistance welding uses an electrical current to heat metal edges and seal them together. This method works best on metal with a low melting point because it can be altered in a way to prevent distortion of the metal. 

MIG Welding

Gas metal arc welding (MIG) is a slightly automated process that when done properly offers a strong joining of two pieces of stainless steel. This process uses a shielding gas that is rich in argon and a wire electrode to perform the metal fabrication process. MIG welding is common because it allows the skilled welder to use a pulsed current supply, which makes it easier to weld in hard-to-reach areas on some of the most complex steel projects. Other gases can be utilized alongside the gas shield to offer a boost in stability of the arc and quality of the overall weld. 

What Method Works Best?

Each method offers a different level of quality and support which you have to correctly decide what lines are best for your project. As we explained above, each has a set of pros and cons. Spot welding is the most affordable option that could be used for a smaller, cheaper project where margins are tight. When the material being worked with is super thin, TIG welding is the best option to avoid wasting material. MIG welding works best when time is of the essence and the size of the project is rather big. MIG welding is usually the most expensive technique to utilize. 

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Different Applications of Infill Panels

Infill Panels Blog Image

Infill panels have a wide range of common uses in various architectural projects. The idea of an infill panel is to create a division of space between one or more areas for a number of reasons. Infill panels and the frame that houses them usually are made of a metal material that can either match or mismatch. These panels can not bear any load but are a great durable, cost-efficient support for the overall structure.


Rail Infill panels are used to create barriers and blockages to prevent injuries on stairs, balconies, and walkways. These barriers add security and protection to particular areas. The most common structures to utilize infill panels in this way are public transit stations, stadiums, malls, airports, and so forth.

Wall Coverings

Another use for infill panels is installation on building exteriors as a rain screen, curtain wall, or structural support with other material. These panels can serve a particular purpose or be purely for aesthetic depth.

Parking Structures

Infill panels can be spotted on the exterior of parking structures. These panels allow for maximum airflow and safety. Due to the height of these garages and fumes released from vehicles, it is important to have both these measures covered to prevent any health complications or accidents. On top of this functional role, they can provide for an interesting design touch.

Exterior Shelters

As mentioned previously, infill panels are a great way to fill spaces of the support structure. You can see them get put to work with different kinds of canopies, bus shelters, waiting areas, parks, zoos, playgrounds, and so on. These panels offer natural shade and a durable design that leads them to be the number one choice for public structures.

General Fencing

Mesh infill panels can be used for any general fencing need to create a reinforced fence around the desired area. The durability is unmatched in comparison to other material options like wood. Some might say wood is more attractive, but the mesh can come in a variety of finishes and materials to make it more aesthetically pleasing for your home or business.

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