Different Applications of Infill Panels

Infill panels have a wide range of common uses in various architectural projects. The idea of an infill panel is to create a division of space between one or more areas for a number of reasons. Infill panels and the frame that houses them usually are made of a metal material that can either match or mismatch. These panels can not bear any load but are a great durable, cost-efficient support for the overall structure.


Rail Infill panels are used to create barriers and blockages to prevent injuries on stairs, balconies, and walkways. These barriers add security and protection to particular areas. The most common structures to utilize infill panels in this way are public transit stations, stadiums, malls, airports, and so forth.

Wall Coverings

Another use for infill panels is installation on building exteriors as a rain screen, curtain wall, or structural support with other material. These panels can serve a particular purpose or be purely for aesthetic depth.

Parking Structures

Infill panels can be spotted on the exterior of parking structures. These panels allow for maximum airflow and safety. Due to the height of these garages and fumes released from vehicles, it is important to have both these measures covered to prevent any health complications or accidents. On top of this functional role, they can provide for an interesting design touch.

Exterior Shelters

As mentioned previously, infill panels are a great way to fill spaces of the support structure. You can see them get put to work with different kinds of canopies, bus shelters, waiting areas, parks, zoos, playgrounds, and so on. These panels offer natural shade and a durable design that leads them to be the number one choice for public structures.

General Fencing

Mesh infill panels can be used for any general fencing need to create a reinforced fence around the desired area. The durability is unmatched in comparison to other material options like wood. Some might say wood is more attractive, but the mesh can come in a variety of finishes and materials to make it more aesthetically pleasing for your home or business.

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